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Job Description

Nextbridge Pvt Ltd is seeking Machine Learning (Python) Engineers in its Lahore based offices to work with cutting-edge technologies, tools, and processes.

The work includes the whole spectrum of Data Science/Big Data and software development tasks, such as writing web apps (both front-end and back-end work), web service/APIs, unit testing and beyond.

Graduates from reputable universities and having good communication skills with 1 to 2 years of related professional experience are encouraged to apply.

Nextbridge Private Limited values energetic, motivated and highly creative minds. If you fulfill the above-mentioned criteria & have a strong desire for career growth, please send your resume as soon as possible.


Duties include but not limited to the following:

  • Advanced Training in a relevant technology stack.
  • Development of enterprise applications.
  • Maintenance and upgrades (new features, refactoring, bug fixing) of existing programs
  • Additional duties as assigned.


  • Majoring in Computer Science, Data Science Information Technology, Computer Engineering, or related IT discipline.
  • Community and/or campus involvement. [Would be a plus]
  • Strong OOP Concepts.
  • Knowledge of Design Patterns is desirable.
  • Proven concepts of Databases. RDBMS, NoSQL and Data Mining.
  • Should be able to work with large text files and Spreadsheets
  • .
  • Strong technical skills including an understanding of software development principles.
  • Positive attitude and strong work ethics.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to a changing environment.
  • Ability to quickly learn new concepts and software is necessary.
  • Candidate should be a self-motivated, independent, detail oriented, responsible team-player.
  • Good communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Ability to multi-task and support multiple priorities.
  • Strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.
  • Excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills.
  • Willingness to learn and attention to detail.
  • A sharp mind with the ability to grasp concepts quickly and work out complex logic problems.
  • Ability to use effective ways of Programming.
  • Should able to design large scale Software.
  • Good in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Good in Python and R
  • Strong Concepts of Machine & Deep Learning, Visualizations and Graphical Representation using the variety of Charts and Plots
  • Knowledge of Data Cleaning, Data Analysis, Modeling/Prototyping, Predictive Analysis, Artificial Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing
  • Familiarity with Numpy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Keras, SciPy, TensorFlow, Theano
  • Familiarity with BigData Technologies like Apache Hadoop, Hive, Spark and Scala, will be a plus.

Salary and Benefits:

Gross salary as per skill-set 

a) During Probation period:

  • Basic salary  (as per skill set)
  • 3 sick/casual leaves
  • Subsidized company lunch/dinner
  • Public Holidays announced by Federal Government Pakistan
  • Traveling allowance for female staff
  • DayCare facility for female staff’s children

b) After completion of Probation period (Permanent Employee is entitled to the following benefits):

  • Provident Fund
  • Medical Coverage/IPD (Hospitalization coverage for Employee, Spouse, and Children)
  • Medical Coverage Outdoor/OPD for (Employee, Parents, Spouse, and Children)
  • Annual Increment
  • Leave encashment at year end (max 10 leaves can be en-cashed)
  • Subsidized company lunch/dinner
  • 10 sick/casual leaves + 10 annual leaves
  • Public Holidays announced by Federal Government Pakistan
  • Traveling allowance for female staff only
  • DayCare facility for female staff’s children